Faculty research interests

Paul Abela (Philosophy)

Kant; Moral theory

Andrew Biro (Politics)

Critical theory; Environmental political theory; Political ecology/economy

Rachel Brickner (Politics)

Comparative political theory; Latin American politics

James Brittain (Sociology)

Critical Development Studies; Latin American Society and Politics; Political Economy; Social Change and Revolution

Michael Dennis (History & Classics)

American Labour and the Social Movement

Marc Ramsay (Philosophy)

Ethics and philosophy of law

Jon Saklofske (English)

Literary studies; Media forms and functions; Narrative ideologies; Digital cultures; Virtual environments; Video game studies

Donna Seamone (Comparative Religion)

Ritual studies; Ethnographic study of religion

Tony Thomson (Sociology)

Marxism; Organized labour in Canada; Critical criminology; Social theory

Brenda Trofanenko (Education)

Public history and pedagogy; Museum anthropology; Postcolonial theory; Memory studies

Geoffrey Whitehall (Politics), program coordinator, SPT@acadiau.ca

International political theory; Contemporary Political Thought; Discourses of Culture and Technology; Philosophy of Space and Time

Ian Wilks (Philosophy)

Medieval philosophy; Philosophy of religion; Ethics and bioethics