How to Apply to SPT

We are interested in admitting a diversity of students who are motivated to pursue their individual interests while also developing graduate-level interdisciplinary and theoretical research.

For complete application instructions and official regulations, please consult the Admissions page on the Acadia Graduate Studies website, here.

Your application to the Social and Political Thought should tell us:

Who you are:
  1. Complete Acadia's graduate application admission form.

  2. Include all relevant information about your status. For example: Do you have a supervisor in mind? Which programs at Acadia are you considering? Answer each question in the space provided.
What you have done:
  1. Please send official undergraduate transcripts from your home university. This means that they must be sent by your home institution.

  2. Please send an electronic copy of your most current curriculum vitae
What you can do:
  1. Share a sample of your written work with us.  We want to see how well you write and how you think about complex problems.  Choose a sample that demonstrates your ability to think about Social and Political Thought.  A sample is normally 10-20 pages long.  If you submitted it for an undergraduate course, consider taking the time to read it over and give it a final final edit – your abilities may have already improved! 
What others think of your work:
  1. Coordinate for two confidential academic letters of reference to be: a) mailed to Research and Graduate Studies: Horton Hall Room 214 Acadia University, Wolfville B4P2R6, Canada or b) emailed to Research and Graduate Studies:
What you want to do:
  1. Submit a statement of research interest. A statement of research interest should tell the admissions committee what you are interested in pursuing in the Social and Political Thought graduate program.  We want to know about your research interests: what areas of study makes you excited; what literatures really get you thinking; what are the social, political, economic, cultural, historical issues that you want to tackle…  We want to know about the path that led you to these research interests: what were the courses you took, what events were important to you; did you take a leave of absence from your studies; and what makes you tick?  We do not want a formal thesis proposal – the coursework will change your ideas – send us your proposed research interests.  The document is normally 1-2 pages long. 


Applications for admission and funding will be considered beginning February 1.  Applications submitted after this deadline will be considered on a case by case basis. 

If you want to speak to the SPT program coordinator about your ideas, your proposed area of study or your interests in the program please email:  For all questions about admissions procedures (TOFEL, GPA, Transcripts etc.) please email Research and Graduate Studies: