Acadia offers a rigourous, interdisciplinary M.A. program in Social and Political Thought, in a supportive and personalized environment.


Students take six courses (for full-time students, normally three in each of the Fall and Winter terms). There are four required courses:

  • SOPT 5113 (Social and Political Thought Colloquium)
  • PHIL 5113 (Topics in Social and Political Philosophy)
  • POLS 5043 (Critical Political Theory)  
  • SOCI 5113 (Sociological Theory)

For the remaining two courses (six credit hours), students can take any graduate-level courses offered by a member of the program faculty (subject to the approval of the graduate coordinator), including seminar-based and directed reading (individual study) courses. Available courses will change from year to year. Current and recent course offerings include:

  • Applied International Ethics
  • Democracy and the Market 
  • Ethnocultural and Cultural Theory
  • Environmental Political Theory
  • New Media Transformations of Literary Traditions
  • Politics of Development
  • Politics of Human Rights
  • Politics of New Global Technologies
  • Sociology of Political Economy
  • Sociology of Development
  • Theory and Politics of Citizenship



After completing coursework, students write a Masters thesis. The thesis is significant piece of scholarly research, providing students with the opportunity to undertake a detailed exploration of a particular question. It also provides excellent training for further (doctoral) study, and for non-academic research and writing. Thesis research and writing is done under the guidance of a supervisor and second reader - two members of the program faculty, from different departments. Students will usually complete their thesis within 12 months or less after finishing their coursework.