Colloquium is located in BAC 325 from 2:30 - 4:30 on the following dates:

(Students arrive at 1:30 pm)

September 2016:

9 – Student Orientation

16 – SSHRC Grant Writing and Library Research Skills (students only BAC 210)

23 – Dr. Andrew Biro “Bottled Water and the Cultivation of Taste” Department of Politics, Acadia University

October 2016:

7 – Dr. Julian Reid “The Indigenous Subject” Department of Politics, University of Lapland, Finland

14 – Upper-level Student Thesis Proposal Presentations (i.e., all students who have not defended)  (IN KCIC)

28 – Ajay Parasaram “Breaking the Colonial Dam: The coloniality of sovereignty and decolonial practices” Dept. of History and IDS, Dalhousie University

November 2016:

4 – Dr. Jean-Sebastian Guy “Exit structure/agency, enter metric/nonmetric: steps toward a new framework in social theory" Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Dalhousie University

18 – Dr. Jesse Carlson “Deferred Maintenance: Tune-Ups for Practice Theory” Department of Sociology, Acadia University

25 – Dr. Letitia Meynell, “Feminist Philosophy of Science: The Role of Gender in Biology” Department of Philosophy and the Gender and Women’s Studies Programme, Dalhousie University

January 2017:

13 – Dr. Jobin M. Kanjirakkat “Linguistics in the History and Philosophy of Science” post-doctoral researcher in Philosophy at King's College and Dalhousie University

February 2017:

3 – Dr. Erin Wunker, “Uncomfortable Subjects: Poetics, Affect, & the Archive.” Department of English & Theatre, Acadia University

March 2017:

3 – Dr. Philip Homburg “Expounding Capitalism as a Culture: Walter Benjamin and Social Theory” Department of Social and Political Thought, University of Sussex.

17 – Dr. Sarah Rudrum “Unpacking maternity care in the global South:  The meaning of gifts, the applicability of socio-cultural risk theory, and ‘culture’ as a site of blame” Dept. of Sociology, Acadia University

April 2017:

7 – First Year Student Thesis Proposal Presentations (In KCIC)